Once I transitioned from government service into full time teaching, I had a mentor. The support I received from that mentor my first year as a teacher was key to my desire and ability to remain in the profession. Professional pay is some of what needs to change in teaching. But study after study also has found that professional support is key. That is why Panzee and I founded Legacy Pro Mentoring, LLC. We observed new and transitioning teachers’ struggles in the classroom and saw that we could help. The help given to me is certainly something I can give to others.

As a result, we tailor mentoring, best practices, coaching packages and products to fit the clients’ needs. Mentoring is credited with employee retention. Professionals who receive support in the first two years of their chosen profession stay longer and have fulfilling careers.

Legacy Pro Mentoring, LLC (LPM) is an international educational consulting company specializing in mentoring and job coaching. LPM delivers its services over a dual platform, either onsite, face-to-face, or online to any digital device with access to WiFi. We offer mentoring and job coaching services customized to the mentees’ needs derived from a Needs Analysis done at the beginning of the contract.

If the Needs Analysis involves designing a product to best support the mentees, LPM has the expertise in it’s veteran Mentors who comprise decades of experience in all facets of education to create that support mechanism. Legacy Pro Mentoring, LLC desires to see all students achieve their potential in all aspects of learning.

Mentoring matters, not only because of the knowledge and skills mentees can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and support to facilitate change. Mentoring allows mentees to have a more expansive view of their potential, greater access to resources, and mentoring is a powerful tool that works on a number of levels that not only help the mentee, but stretches the mentor as well. The benefits of mentoring to mentors are twofold; mentors add value to colleagues through the personal satisfaction of giving back, also they gain by being exposed to new ideas and new perspectives from mentees new to the classroom with fresh ideas from college.

The future of mentoring is multi-faceted. The future is online. Online mentoring is becoming the most preferred method because of the convenience and scope of services offered. The future of mentoring means staying relevant by providing mentoring support to all employees. It will become a core metric of employees’ job structure. The future of mentoring will involve networks.  built from retiring employees who want to stay involved and are invested in the health of the industry. The future of mentoring will have a dynamic impact. Mentoring will positively impact the whole person and not just his career, that is a boon for all of society.